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Almon Earl Thompson I Family Tree

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Ada Thompson Johnson

Addie M. Thompson was the daughter of Jameson and Harriet (McAllister) Thompson. She was born in March 1858 in Harrison, Cumberland, Maine. She has one older brother, Almon Earl Thompson I.

In 1860 Addie, age 2 was living in Harrison, Cumberland, Maine with her parents, brother and grandfather, Isaac McAllister.

At age 12, she was still residing in Harrison, Cumberland, Maine with her family according to the 1870 census.

The 1900 census lists her birthday as March 1858. She is now 42 years of age and since the last time I found her in a census she has married someone who's last name was Johnson and now has two children. She is living in Harrison, Cumberland, Maine with her parents and children, although she is listed as married, her husband is not part of the household. Her two children are listed as Roy E. age 17 and a daughter age 10. I am unable to make out the daughter's first name, but her middle inital is L. At this point in her life she is working as a housekeeper.

In the 1910 census Addie, who is now a 51 year old widow (having given birth to only two children) is now living with her son Roy and his family in Harrison, Cumberland, Maine. She is still working as a housekeeper.

I found an Ada M. living with her son Marshall, age 28 in the 1920 census no other people were listed in this 1920 household.

According to the census records from 1860 to 1910 she was listed as Addie M. Thompson or Johnson living with varies family members in Harrison, Cumberland, Maine. The 1920 census has an Ada M Johnson in Portland, Cumberland, Maine. Although the age is correct and the name is simalar the 1920 census may very well, NOT be the same person.

Roy E. Johnson