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Almon Earl Thompson I Family Tree

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Almon Earl Thompson I

Almon Earl Thompson I and Etta May Harmon

Almon Earl Thompson I
This picture was taken in front of his barber shop.

ALMON is the son of JAMESON and HARRIET (McALLISTER) THOMPSON. ALMON has one younger sister named ADA or ADDIE M. I believe ALMON was born about 1856 in Harrison, Cumberland, Maine.  He married ETTA MAY HARMON on 10 April 1875 in Harrison, Cumberland, Maine.  Together they had two children, ERNEST HAROLD and MABLE.  ALMON was a barber by trade and owned his own shop. The 1870 census place ALMON living with his parents and sister in Harrison, Cumberland, Maine. In 1880 census he is still residing with his parents and sister in Harrison with the addition of his wife, ETTA and son EARNEST. The 1930 US Census places ALMON living with his son in Wakefield, Middlesex, Massachusetts, but makes no mention of his wife ETTA. It does, however list his age as 74 and his occupation as Barber - Hair.

Just a little side note; ETTA had a sister named EMMA FRANCIS HARMON RAYMOND. She wrote a book called "A Romance of New Meadows" published in 1900. She is who RAYMOND FRANCIS THOMPSON, Sr was named after.

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Mable Thompson

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Ernest Harold Thompson

Mable Thompson