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Almon Earl Thompson I Family Tree

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Dorothy Ellen Thompson


Dottie and little girl, 1949
Please help me find out who the little girl is.

Dorothy Ellen Thompson is the first born of Raymond Francis Thompson and Martha Lillian Towse. Dottie was born on August 25, 1925 in Concord Massachusetts. She has three younger brother and one younger sister. Her brothers names are Raymond Francis Jr, Almon Earl III and Peter Murray.; Her sister's name is Jane May. Dottie has five children, two sons, and three daughters.

Dotttie passed away, at the age of 80 on Wednesday Febuary 13th 2008 at Phillips County Retirement Center.

In her younger life she attended Macintosh business College in Dover, New Hampshire were she took business & accounting courses. She later worked in an office as a secretary, doing accounts payable/receivable. She also worked at a shoe factory.

Dorothy always loved to make her crafts, she was known all over the state for her woven rugs. She was very good at it & loved to do it, she went to craft shows all around and made extra money for her self & her family.

The last 6 years of her life she lived in Kansas. Where she loved to spent her time making her crafts.

Over the years she started collecting cows, everyone who knew her helped her with her collection. Before we all knew it she had a whole house full of cows.

Dorothy always had a great sense of humor, she could make people laugh at a drop of a hat. She could make you laugh when you wanted to cry, or even when you were crying.

Her husband Carlos Stevens Lang preceded her in death on May 12, 2002.

Dorothy Ellen Thompson
First or second grade

Boston, Massachusettes

Logan, Kansas

Charles Henry Walker and Dottie Thompson
4 July 1950

Carlos Stevens Lang and Dorothy Ellen Thompson
Ivins, Utah

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