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Almon Earl Thompson I Family Tree

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Almon Earl Thompson II

Almon Earl Thompson II and Evelyn

     ALMON EARL THOMPSON II was born somewhere in Massachusetts to ERNEST HAROLD and CORA MAY (NASON)THOMPSON around 1919.  The 1930 US Census places ALMON, at the age of 11, living in Wakefield, Middlesex, Massachusetts with his parents. In 1962, at the passing of his mother he was living in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. He has one brother, RAYMOND FRANCIS and one sister, DOROTHY ALICE.  His wife's name was EVELYN M. SENIERI. She was also born around 1919. Together they had two sons. Although I have been unable to confirm it is believed by both Jane and Ray that ALMON and EVELYN's oldest son was named RONALD aka RONNIE. His younger brother was ERNEST ALLEN TTHOMPSON and he was born on 18 June 1943 in Rochester, New Hampshire. 

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Dorothy Alice Thompson

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