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Almon Earl Thompson I Family Tree

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Dorothy Alice Thompson

Dorothy Alice Thompson and Oliver Rutherford 

     Dorothy Alice Thompson is the daughter of Ernest Harold Thompson and Cora May Nason.  She has two brothers, Raymond Francis and Almon Earl II.  Although I do not have an exact birthday for her, my mom believes she was born some time in July of 1905. 


     Dot married Oliver Rutherford, who is believed to be from somewhere in Canada.  They were married 17 April 1932 in Epping, New Hampshire.  Together they had three sons.  Their son's names are James, Kenneth and Donald.

Dorothy Alice Thompson

Dorothy Alice and Oliver Rutherford
December 1967

The 1930 US Census place Dot in Wakefield, Middlesex, Massachusetts living with her parents. She was a single 22 year old working as a billing clerk. In 1962, when her mother passed away, she was living in Woburn, Massachusetts.

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