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Almon Earl Thompson I Family Tree

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Roy E. Johnson

Roy E. and Jennie E. Johnson

Roy E. Johnson was born in August of 1882 and is the son of Addie M. (Thompson) Johnson. I do not, at this point know his father's first name. I do however believe that his father died between 1900 and 1910.

Roy married a young women from Maine, by the name of Jennie late 1907 or early 1908. They had at least four children, two sons and two daughters. According to the 1910 census their first two children were born around November 1908 in Maine. They were son, Ralph W. Johnson and daughter, Mary U. Johnson. This family was living in Harrison, Cumberland, Maine and Roy was the owner a farm which he worked. Roy's mother, Addie was also living with them and was workind as a houskeeper.

In 1920 Roy and Jennie were renting a home in Washington, Sullivan, New Hampshire where Roy was working as a public school teacher. They had three children living with them. son Ralph W., age 11, daughter Ruth E., age 7 and son Joseph M., age 2. Both Ruth and Joseph were born in Maine.

Ralph's twin sister Mary is not living with the family at this time. Nor is Roy's mother Addie.

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