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Almon Earl Thompson I Family Tree

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Ernest Harold Thompson

Ernest Harold Thompson and Cora May Nason

Ernest Harold Thompson
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Home of Ernest and Cora May
Gonic, New Hampshire, 1949

     Ernest was a butcher by trade and was the Meat Manager at First National Stores from the 1930's until 1941 when he became the proprietor of Thompson's market...

Close up of store front

Cora May Nason
Sitting at the beach

     Ernest was the son of Almon Earl Thompson I and Etta May Harmon.  He was born 25 Mar 1877 in Harrisburg, Cumberland, Maine and died at the age of 73, on May 25, 1951 in his home on Old Dover Road in Dover, New Hampshire. 

He married Cora May Nason in 1903 somewhere in Maine.  Cora is the daughter of Charles and Ellen Nason.   Cora was born on July 21, 1883 in Naples, Maine and died at the age of 77 an April 30, 1962 in Green Pastures Nursing Home in Dover, New Hampshire. They are both buried at Pine Hill Cemetery in Dover. 


     Together they had three children, two sons and one daughter.  Their sons were Raymond Francis Thompson, Sr and  Almon Earl Thompson II.  Their daughter's name was Dorothy Alice.  Ray married Martha Lillian Towse.  Almon married Evelyn.  Dorothy married Oliver Rutherford.


Woburn, MA

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Almon Earl Thompson II

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Almon Earl Thompson II

Raymond Frances Thompson, Sr

Dorothy Alice Thompson