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Hello, For those of you who are new to the site read on. If you have been here before drop down to the bottom of the page to see what is new. The information I have is limited at this time, but here is what I know so far.  My mother's father was RAYMOND FRANCIS THOMPSON, SR.  His father was ERNEST HAROLD THOMPSON.  who's father was ALMON EARL THOMPSON I Who was the son of JAMESON THOMPSON .  Ray was married to MARTHA LILLIAN TOWSE and they had five kids.  Ernest's wife was CORA MAY NASON and they had three children. Almon was married to ETTA MAY HARMON and they had two children.
JAMESON was married to HARRIET MC ALLISTER and they had two children.

Four Generations of Thompsons

Almon Earl Thompson I, Ernest Harold Thompson, Raymond Francis Thompson, Sr and Raymond Francis Thompson, Jr.
I love this picture of the four generations of Thompson men.  Notice how each generation is dressed a little more casual than the one before!

Here is what's new:

I have added more info for my mother, Dorothy, who passes away on February 2008. I have also add a source page for her which contains a death notice and obituary. 4/08

** Be sure to check out the "Name Index" page. On it you will find information placed into a real concise format, including any dates or place information pertaining to each individual. You will also find marriage, spouse and children listed with each individual. There are photos where available. I have also added a Google Custom search engine to the "Name Index" page which will allow you to search this site.** 7/07

**If you get lost you can come back to this page by clicking on the green spinning house at the top of the page.**

**I have found Jameson Thompson in the 1850 United States Census. Check out his page for the info.

**I added a link to another site that I am working on that contains an easy to follow family tree. You can find the link at the bottom of the "Name Index" page.

**I've begun adding copies of my Source documents. They may be accesssed by clicking on pictures throughout the website or by going to the name index and clicking on the source icon below the persons name. The documents are thumbnail size but may be viewed at their actual size by clicking on the thumbnail. If you have any problems with the links please contact me so I may fix it.

Almon Earl Thompson I with his wife Etta May
and great grandchildren Ray, Jr and Dottie


This web site is due in part to the memories contained within the head of my mother,  Dorothy Ellen Thompson Lang who is the great-grandaughter of Almon Earl Thompson I.  With out her help this web site would not have been possible.  I would also like to thank my Uncle Ray (See the four-generation picture to the left) for if it wasn't for his help I would not have some of the dates and information contained on these pages. Thank you Uncle Ray for surfing the web for me!!

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Jameson Thompson

Ray and Lill (Towse)Thompson's Children
Dorothy Ellen, Raymond Francis Jr and Jane May Thompson

   I hope you enjoy the page of this virtual scrap book.  I have included limited information on family members who are still living in order to protect their privacy.  If you see yourself in the pages and wish to be removed please let me know.  And by all means if you do not see yourself and wish to be added let me know that too.  I am eager to add more pages!
     This is a work in progress so please check back often to see what has been changed or add.  If you see a mistake please point it out.  I am not known for my spelling so I am sure, at the very least,  there are some spelling errors.   I hope to hear from you soon!
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